Affordable Methods To Clean Your Carpets

As a business or homeowner, carpets are a great way to insulate your floors for temperature as well as maintain your space clean. Wood or tile floors can get dirty fast and take much longer to clean than a simple vacuum over your carpets. But from time to time, a deep clean on your carpets is absolutely necessary on your carpets to avoid stains settling in and smells lingering on your floors. Aside from keeping it fresh, it will allow your carpets to last longer and maintain their color and form throughout their lifespan.

There are a few ways you can get your carpets cleaned.


Carpets in your home get more traffic and use than any other place. Walking in them, eating around them and odors all affect carpet fabrics. Vacuuming them daily is recommended, but weekly should be done if a daily twirl is too time consuming. If you are reading this before purchasing a vacuum, try looking for a vacuum that comes with a shampoo dispenser attached to it. This will allow you to also shampoo your carpet weekly or monthly depending on the amount of use it gets. This will prevent your carpet from becoming matted and keep it fluffy and fresh for as much as possible. Deep stains and spills can also sink into the base of the carpet, so doing a shampoo immediately after the spill and a few times a week afterwards will ensure minimal damage to your properties.


For office carpets that cover a much larger surface area and get dirty a lot more with dirt and snow that people attract indoors, a professional cleaner is the best way to go. Ensure that you hire someone with ample experience and ensure that the products they use are commercial grade and safe. This type of cleaning should be done once a week – ideally twice per week at times when heavy snowfall, rain or storms will cause employees to come in with dirtier shoes than necessary. For example, here at Ad Mail, we hired Carpet Cleaning New York: Professional Carpet & Area Rug Cleaners.


The 5 Must Have Jeep Accessories

Ever since the Jeep was first introduced into the market, they have turned out to be one of the favored cars among car fans. Even if car lovers prefer performance and speed, they can’t deny the capabilities of a Jeep that can go through any kind of weather, especially when it is off-road. And for Jeep lovers, if they can only maximize the capabilities that the truck can deliver, they’d get it personally. But the aftermarket of this segment is overflowing, thus making it difficult to sift through the accessories made available for this vehicle. It can be quite daunting knowing almost every accessory made for this vehicle is incredible.

You first determine how you are going to use those accessories or better think of it this way – what are you going to use them for? Below is a quick look at the top 5 Jeep accessories recommended for every Jeep lover to try out.

Reusable air filters

Air filters are primarily used for Jeeps when going off-road. However, even if you don’t plan on taking your truck to an off-roading activity, getting a customized reusable air filter is an affordable way to upgrade your Jeep. What’s more, it is considered a less expensive way to upgrade your current Jeep, if you have any.

Driving Lights

Part of the fun in owning your jeep is the ability to use it in unusual, fun conditions you wouldn’t normally take your every day car. Since they are easily modifiable, this means you can also extend your ability to cruise in your jeep by installing headlights or light bars that give you visibility well into the night. A great place to get almost any light you want is

Skid Plates

If you plan to go off-roading with your truck, which is its primary purpose, the front of the Jeep will need to endure the abuse it is exposed to, especially the one underneath it. Make use of the skid plates as it is considered by the experts as a crucial aspect in beefing up the truck before hitting the trails. They are custom made to fit your current Jeep model. It offers added protection to the most sensitive areas of the Jeep, like the fuel tank, steering box, and the oil pan.


It doesn’t matter if you are a skillful Jeep driver, there is the possibility that you will get stuck in some way or another. A smart way to avoid this at all costs is by installing a winch. This is only going to be there in case you do meet up with a situation that you’ll likely get stuck into. This is a motorized cable system that is mounted at the front of the Jeep. It provides a variety of utility, safety, and recovery uses.

All-weather liners and mats

It is like you are changing air filters – you need to keep the interior of your Jeep protected against outside elements, which are capable of destroying the upholstery. The floor and trunk liners, including the floor mats, should be made of highly durable material and that they are custom fitted to your current Jeep model.


Another accessory to have if you plan on going off-roading is installing the deadlock. Securing the wheel to the tire’s bead, this rim style will give your Jeep a heightened aggressive look and at the same time lower air pressure within the tires when driven during off-road activities.

Email of the Week: EllisPD Fitness


The first segment of Email of the Week, we study the email marketing strategies of Ellis PoDebianko, fitness instructor that has taken his expertise and business online in order to educate his customers and leads on living a healthy lifestyle and even growing your own fitness business. So why have we picked Ellis PD as the first email segment as Ad Mail’s flagship case study? Ellis has built his business impressively quickly and has done so with the use of emails that are extremely educational for his reader’s benefit.

Ellis’ email campaigns are targeted to men and women between eighteen and forty that are looking to get fit naturally with minimal help from a trainer. In speaking with Ellis, he mentioned that “a lot of the progress that comes with personal training happens outside of your time with your trainer. So, I’ve created an online resource for my clients and readers to tap into when they are not with me.”

Every email is themed, so that a reader can expect what will come every week. Ellis has accustomed his readers to expect a theme based e-mail from him every Monday that rotates between nutrition, workouts, fitness technology and marketing strategies for fitness entrepreneurs. This is important – most email marketers sporadically send emails to their list that aren’t expected and end up bothering their list to the point that their readers unsubscribe altogether. By building habits with your list you are therefore more friendly and expected and are able to keep open rates high and engagement flowing to your website.

In addition, every piece of content is aligned with the reader’s goal. Each subscriber to the list is either a customer or a reader that is working towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Ellis doesn’t pitch any products within his e-mails, but rather keeps the footer details the same with his sign up information for personal training. This allows his readers to enjoy the e-mails he receives and always anticipate value, rather then get “tricked” into opening an email with clickbait.

How Ad Mail Helps You Grow Your Business

Ad Mail got started with a single goal in mind. To educate our audience on the best e-mail marketing campaigns in the ecommerce world. To be the Adweek of ecommerce e-mail marketing. Every week, we will analyze the best e-mail marketing campaigns  in the ecommerce world so that you can learn proven and tested strategies by entrepreneurs just like you trying to grow their business. We will look at what works and what doesn’t at any points in time so you can change your tactics and strategies.

Ad Mail will also keep you up to date with the latest e-mail marketing regulations and even red flags encountered by businesses that are not yet published. Our case studies are brief and to the point, and analyze content, offers, sequences and audiences in order to duplicate and put together a blueprint you can use in your business.

We hope that Ad Mail Manager can positively impact your business, and we look forward to having you read our blog!