Email of the Week: EllisPD Fitness


The first segment of Email of the Week, we study the email marketing strategies of Ellis PoDebianko, fitness instructor that has taken his expertise and business online in order to educate his customers and leads on living a healthy lifestyle and even growing your own fitness business. So why have we picked Ellis PD as the first email segment as Ad Mail’s flagship case study? Ellis has built his business impressively quickly and has done so with the use of emails that are extremely educational for his reader’s benefit.

Ellis’ email campaigns are targeted to men and women between eighteen and forty that are looking to get fit naturally with minimal help from a trainer. In speaking with Ellis, he mentioned that “a lot of the progress that comes with personal training happens outside of your time with your trainer. So, I’ve created an online resource for my clients and readers to tap into when they are not with me.”

Every email is themed, so that a reader can expect what will come every week. Ellis has accustomed his readers to expect a theme based e-mail from him every Monday that rotates between nutrition, workouts, fitness technology and marketing strategies for fitness entrepreneurs. This is important – most email marketers sporadically send emails to their list that aren’t expected and end up bothering their list to the point that their readers unsubscribe altogether. By building habits with your list you are therefore more friendly and expected and are able to keep open rates high and engagement flowing to your website.

In addition, every piece of content is aligned with the reader’s goal. Each subscriber to the list is either a customer or a reader that is working towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Ellis doesn’t pitch any products within his e-mails, but rather keeps the footer details the same with his sign up information for personal training. This allows his readers to enjoy the e-mails he receives and always anticipate value, rather then get “tricked” into opening an email with clickbait.

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